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Cheryl Stapleton

Cheryl Stapleton, CPB, QPA

I have worked in the accounting field all my adult life. Started out in industry and then moved to Burke Newman & Co in 1987. I worked at this C.A. Firm until 2008 when I again ventured out into industry. In 2010 Lee-Ann and I joined forces and created our bookkeeping company.

My accounting philosophy is “Do it right the first time and if not the first time, never make the same mistake twice”. Whether I am preparing a month end, year end or a GST return, I will give the task 110% effort.

I enjoy meeting new clients who soon become new friends. The experience of being able to deliver a custom accounting experience for each client has been both challenging and rewarding. Finding creative solutions, flexible work hours and meeting new clients are some of the reasons that make me happy to do this work.

Lee-Ann Snydal-Bock

Lee-Ann Snydal-BockBusiness and Accounting have been ingrained into me from a very young age, I learned about overhead costs, profits, liabilities and assets from growing up in a family business ...and I had one of the toughest teachers in the world....my mom! I learned to do accounting first in just a ledger book and then using the "advanced" system called the OneWrite Accounting System. Of course, we have come a long way from that but never far from the basic principles of accounting.

What I like the most about being a contract bookkeeper, is the varied industry types for whom we do accounting. Never a dull moment and always learning new things. And that's a good thing! And of course, there are our clients themselves. They are all just as varied as the industries they work in – and again, we learn as much from them as they learn from us. And we want them to know that we are a Company that they can rely on to complete the work done accurately and on time. We pride ourselves in that. My credo is "If I say it, I will do it. If I did it, I will say it".

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